What's in my bag


All the essentials

wallet, coin purse, pen, notebook for doodles and ideas, calling cards

hair clip, pepper spray,gap heaven body mist, hand gel, facial absorbent paper( for oil control), blistex (such a lip saver!), mirror, shades

My gadgets. I get bored easily and these really help me out. Psp, ipod classic, cell phone, ipod shuffle,usb. You are probably wondering why I bring 2 ipods with me. The shuffle is for the days I decide to workout. Its easier for me to bring it while I run.

and last but not least, my trusty camera

what's in yours?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the web link.
i shall check it out soon :)
haha. yes i was wondering why you had two iPods with you. all makes perfect sense now!

Putri Erdisa said...

well, bags? i never brought any bags wherever i go .. it was just something very unpractice! hehehe.
so now then, i couldn't believe that you are the mother of Audrey. wew! you two both looked very different. i guess you are a vietnamese, such as oriental GIRL, and Audrey more like an European girl. hihi... you looked so young that i even couldn't imagine you already have a cutie princess like Audrey. ;)

Anonymous said...

You have quite a lot in your purse! I always say that ladies' purses are like black holes :].
Btw.. I love the Chanel dress in your previous post!

Tina said...

how does all these fit in your bag? wow i'm amazed, gorgeous bag too of course!

Princess Foofoo said...

Tina and Noiretro: Thanks for the comments. :) They all fit in my bag because the bag is actually quite big. It is a jumbo flap. you can't really see it much in the photo. It does get pretty tight in there though! LOL! :)

AnastasiaC said...

oh its so organised and tidy! lovely! your sunglasses are FAB!

fhen said...

you are so organised! i love your bag :) and no wonder audrey is soo stylish ya. like mother like daughter :)

Katie said...


I've looked at the 2.55 before and always worried I'd be paying a ot for it, and wouldnt be able to fit anything in there! But you seem to prove me wrong.

I want to get a DS now too, ahh.

notebookdoodles said...

haha =) i love how you make all your technology things all white. i do that with mine too.