These are the scents that I love and am currently using:

1.Jlo Miami glow (I love how tropical this smells. It reminds me of the beach in Singapore every time I take a whiff of this because I bought it there.)

2 and 3. Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Lotion and Body Spray. (This smells like Vanilla. Very Girly. I find that if I put on the lotion first and add the spray after, the scent stays on through out the day. Yum!)

4.Moschino Love. (Citrusy and Light. I usually wear this on a warm day to make me feel cooler)

5.Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue. (Same as 4.)

6.Gap Close (mmmm....I love this scent. grapefruit!)

7.Bench Green Tea (this is a local brand and its really inexpensive. I keep it in my bag to freshen up with. very light)

8.Hermes Rouge (this scent is way too strong for me but since I am collecting perfume my friend Aimee gave this to me to display among my growing collection)

9.Lancome Miracle (this scent makes me feel like 5 million might not get it but Manuel does!)

10.Annick Goutal Petite Cherie (My favotite scent of the moment. Smells Heavenly!)

11.Ferragamo Encanto Charms (Its minty and refreshing)

12.Benetton Paradiso Inferno: (like 4 and 5)

13.Tera Nova Green Tea (This is oil based and I only need a dab on my wrists and the scent lasts all day. It's very potent. Its quite mesmerizing)

14.Marc Jacobs Blush (Beautiful Scent)

15. Gap Heaven (like 7)


On my list to buy is: Clinique Happy To Be and the Rest of the Ferragamo Encantos.

What Scents do you love? Any suggestions for my growing collection? :)


vanessaj said...

I love Marc Jacobs Daisy! have you smelled it? so yummy!

and also Dior Cherie and LAMB Gwen Stefani

The Clothes Horse said...

Ooh, those much smell so nice. The bottles look so pretty too. I am personally in love with Escada.

Anonymous said...

Escada :D orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
9IX RocaWear. its mens' perfume! But it smells soooooooooooo good. haha.

EMPRESS said...

I love Annick! =) Try Creed... Ok din. Hehe! =)